Things to be thankful for…

It’s Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on the bounty of one’s blessings. For LOVE GENEVA, the blessings have been bountiful indeed. What started as a small idea has blossomed into something like a movement. And there are bigger things on the horizon in 2014. But for now, here are three things we are thankful for:

Genevans. Yes, the lake is very pretty. VERY pretty. But what we love about Geneva most of all are the people that call it home. There are multiple communities within this city, reflecting a diversity that is rich and enriching. We’ve got our problems, but we’ve also got a depth of spirit that is astounding. Above all else, this city is real because the people who live here are real.

Locally-owned businesses. Just as Geneva’s former economic success was built upon locally-owned businesses, so too will its future growth. In the past ten years, Geneva’s renaissance has been astounding to witness. It seemed slow to pick up steam, but boy is it going now! What has been driving that growth are locally-owned businesses and the locals who support them. So as you start gearing up for your holiday shopping, remember to start and end with locally-owned businesses in Geneva. Pretty much everything you need can be found right here — and without the added expenses of shipping fees.

– Local artists. This community has some impressive creative talent. Just wander around town during a Geneva Night Out, or drop into one of the regular Speakeasy Society’s gatherings, or pop over to Beef & Brew to hear whoever is playing piano, or check out the fine work being performed by the Geneva Theater Guild, or visit the Finger Lakes Federal Credit Union’s lobby for their regular local artist, or stomp into Stomping Grounds for their weekly photo contest, or simply check out the amazing music/art/poetry/drama that is being produced within the Geneva school system. Geneva has long had a rich tradition of creative cultural production and it is going strong today. There are so many groups and individuals involved in Geneva’s cultural life, it is hard to single anyone out. BUT, it is definitely worth your time to check out the new fundraising campaign for the UG Collective. They are doing so much for the community, especially in terms of youth programs, that your support is deeply appreciated.

LOVE GENEVA has always believed that sustainable development for all sectors of Geneva requires the combination of these three elements: locally-owned businesses, local artists, and engaged Genevans. We can feel it happening, and we’re grateful to be part of such a wonderful community.

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