Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone for making 2018 a productive year for LOVE GENEVA. We were able to raise several hundred dollars for the grassroot’s organization MOTHER & OTHERS, a group providing support for local mothers and families in need. This is just one of many important groups working to make our community better.

In 2018, we also continued working to re-focus our mission here at LOVE GENEVA. We began LOVE GENEVA with a dedication to support local businesses and artists to enrich all of the communities that make up Geneva. Initially that took the form of staging ‘cash mobs’ and promoting shopping downtown. We also helped form Geneva Night Out, to support local artists and encourage shopping in downtown businesses, and introduced the LOVE GENEVA loyalty card. In the years since, downtown businesses have grown and are thriving. We no longer need to encourage people to go downtown or to schedule events, since there is so much going on.

Thus, there will not be a 2019 loyalty card. Interest in the card has dropped off and the need for it has greatly diminished. We will continue working to support local businesses and artists in Geneva, but will be doing so in different ways. Enjoy the new year and all the wonderful things that Geneva has to offer!


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