November Cash Mob at PEDULLA’S

This month’s LOVE GENEVA cash mob will be held at Pedulla’s Liquor Store this Saturday Nov.16th  from 11 am – 1 pm.

Located in the Plaza on Hamilton Street, Pedulla’s Liquor Store has been locally-owned and operated for over fifty years (some may remember when it was located downtown on Seneca Street!). With the holidays coming fast upon us, this is a fine opportunity to stock up on your party supplies, or pick up a nice bottle of Finger Lakes wine as a gift for a host, friend of family member. With a wide selection of regionally-made wines and spirits, Pedulla’s is an excellent place to spread some local love. So come on down this Saturday to spend a few dollars — dollars that will circulate in the local economy and help Geneva continue to grow!


When: Saturday, November 16th;  11 am – 1 pm

What is a CASH MOB? When a group of people assemble at a local business and buy items to support that business and the overall community.

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