December CASH MOB = Closet-to-Closet on Saturday, Dec. 21st

The Christmas consumption pressure is in full swing. Need to be frugal? Would you rather buy something slightly used instead of something made overseas from cheap plastic? Want to support a local business instead of big box store? Well, we have a Holiday CASH MOB just for you! The December CASH MOB will be held this Saturday at CLOSET-TO-CLOSET, Geneva’s quality consignment shop featuring clothes, furniture, accessories and a whole lot more!

Where: Closet-Closet, 29 E. North Street

When: Saturday, December 21st;  11 am – 1 pm

So come on out this Saturday for some last minute gift shopping. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of gift possibilities available. You’ll be shopping local while also shopping green (reuse-recycle!). It’s a win-win situation!

What is a CASH MOB? When a group of people assemble at a local business and buy items to support that business and the overall community.

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