Sunday Lunch with Love Geneva

In May, we started a new campaign we like to call “Sunday Lunch with Love Geneva.” We use our privately-donated funds to purchase lunches from locally-owned restaurants in Geneva and provide them free to whoever wants them on Sundays at noon. The idea is to put revenue into the local economy while addressing the growing need of food insecurity. We began with 50 meals, but quickly realized that the need and the interest was much bigger. We’re now at around 75-80 free meals on Sunday. We’ve been fortunate to team up with Flavors Indian, La Reyna de Mexico (now 3 Amigos), Red Dove Tavern, and The Elephant Thai, who have provided the means at a discount (and in some cases totally free of charge). Next week we will be handing out free sub sandwiches from Mombergers Deli, and we have plans to continue throughout the month of June. Why Sundays? Because the Boys & Girls Club of Geneva and the Geneva School District are working incredibly hard to get meals out on Monday-Friday, and Blueprint Geneva is helping get meals to people on Saturdays. So if you know of someone who could use a free lunch on Sunday, send them down to the intersection of Castle and Exchange Streets.  (And if you want to help out, please consider donating directly to the Boys & Girls Club of Geneva and ordering take-out from any of the great locally-owned restaurants in Geneva.) Stay Strong!!


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