Return of the Love Geneva Cash Mob!

Here is yet another thing we love about Geneva: in an era when large grocery store chains have driven out most of the small, independent groceries and markets that used to be the backbone of most small American towns, Geneva has seen TWO small, independent grocery stores open up on Castle Street. Talk about bucking a trend!! If you don’t know, we talking about:

La Reyna de Mexico, the small Mexican grocery/bodega at 20 Castle Street. Specializing in Mexican groceries, with a small restaurant in the back that is phenomenal (seriously), La Reyna is a secret jewel in the middle of Geneva.

Madia’s Italian Market on 68 Castle Street. Specializing in imported Italian goods, with a deli and butcher, this is next generation of the Madia’s Grocery store that closed earlier in the year. Reinvented with a more focused selection, Madia’s continues to be the best butcher shop in Geneva!

La Reyna and Madia’s join El Morro and Momberger’s as Geneva’s small, independent markets.

So we’re announcing the return of the LOVE GENEVA CASH MOB for this Saturday, June 6th! Help spread some local love on Saturday by stopping into La Reyna and/or Madia’s to see what they have going on and spend a little money to help keep local businesses thriving in Geneva! We’re hoping people can make it down to both between 11 am – 1 pm on Saturday, but if you can make it anytime that day, the love will be appreciated.

What is a CASH MOB? When members of the community come out to support selected businesses by spending a little money, making a cumulative impact on that business. Even spending as little as $5 will make a big impact. So come on out and show some love for Geneva’s locally-owned independent businesses!

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