Loving Geneva, Shopping Local

Wow, what a difference half a year makes! In less than six months, LOVE GENEVA has hit the ground running. We’ve distributed over 1500 free LOVE GENEVA bumper stickers around town. We’ve have well over 600 friends on Facebook. And we’ve organized eight highly successful Cash Mobs for downtown businesses. Other downtown businesses report a notable uptick in sales during Cash Mob days, which indicates that people don’t just target the Cash Mob store, but share the love around town. And we’ve just received word that we’ve been accepted to SHIFT YOUR SHOPPING – a campaign associated with the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), a national non-profit organization helping communities successfully operate “buy local” campaigns. This will help us network with like-minded organizations and come up with new strategies for helping support and nurture Geneva’s economic and social sustainability.


But 2012 is only the beginning. We’ve got lots more work to do — but plenty of ideas! We’re excited about the GENEVA NIGHT OUT campaign, which kicks off in February. We’re looking forward to a year full of new Cash Mobs. And more. Much more!
But for now, we want to wish you all our sincerest thanks for the support you have already shown to the LOVE GENEVA campaign. Proving yet again that if you Love Geneva, it’ll love you back!
And as you continue your holiday shopping, we want to encourage you to keep shopping local and supporting Geneva’s merchants, artists, and craftspeople.   xoxo

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