Another successful cash mob!

We’ve chalked up yet another successful cash mob! Mother Earth Natural Foods expresses their gratitude to all who participated. As they write, “We did indeed benefit from increased business and new customers visiting us and seeing what Mother Earth was all about.  It was a great experience over all!!!!” (this, despite one of their freezers malfunctioning!). So thanks to all who turned out to spread the love!

The cash mob seems to be sustaining its strength quite well, so we’ve got another one scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd. The site will be announced soon!!

Also, thanks to all who participated in the t-shirt competition. The judges have made their decision and we’ll be unveiling the t-shirts and tote bags in a few weeks. We’ll post the winning image soon!

We’ve got several other things cooking in the LOVE GENEVA kitchen, so be sure to check back regularly!  xoxo

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