We’ve had great success with the CASH MOBS, so let keep it up! The last site, Whisper Chocolate, was a newcomer to Geneva, so let’s go with an establishment that has been here for over 33 years: MOTHER EARTH!

What is a CASH MOB? When a group of people assemble at a local business and buy items to support that business and the overall community.

Mother Earth opened in Geneva in 1979 and provides the community with quality natural foods (including local milk and yogurt), vitamins and minerals, eco-friendly products, and a huge array of bulk items. So come on down and pick up a few items or a grocery cart’s worth of stuff! Meet other Love Genevans! If a hundred people show up during the cash mob and spend $5 each, that will bring in $500 in just two hours! Believe us, the staff at Mother Earth will be extremely grateful for your patronage and support. Help spread the word — and we’ll see you there!

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