Cash Mob #2 – Lake City Hobby and Toys

We’re gearing up for LOVE GENEVA’s next Cash Mob

  • LOCATION: Lake City Hobby and Toys (437 Exchange St, corner of Castle St)
  • DATE: Saturday, Sept. 22nd
  • TIME: 11 am-1 pm

What is a CASH MOB? When a group of people assemble at a local business and buy items to support that business and the overall community.

So come out on Saturday, Sept. 22nd at any point between 11am-1pm to Lake City Hobbies. Meet other Love Genevans. Buy an item! It can be as small as a kite or comic book, or as big as a model train set. If a hundred people show up during the cash mob and spend $5 each, that will bring in $500 in just two hours! Believe us, they will be extremely grateful for your patronage and support. The last one was a huge success, so let’s keep it up! Love Geneva – and it’ll love you back!



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