Cash Mob Update

The official word from FA Church Hardware is that 200-300 people turned out for the first Cash Mob. We were hoping for fifty — we got over 200. We couldn’t be happier. But we aren’t nearly as happy as the folks at Church Hardware! They’ve reportedly written a Letter to the Editor at the Finger Lakes Times expressing their gratitude to YOU for making it happen. We’ll reprint the letter here as soon as we can.

But we don’t want to rest on our laurels. There is work to do! We have two important announcements to make (the second one will be in a separate, future post). We want to see if we can make the CASH MOBS sustainable by running them every two weeks. The next CASH MOB is scheduled for 11 am – 1 pm on Saturday, Sept. 22nd at LAKE CITY HOBBY SHOP. Again, if we all show up and spend a few dollars, it will have a HUGE financial impact on the good folks at Lake City Hobby Shop. Start your Christmas shopping early and come on down on Saturday, Sept. 22nd.

Thanks for all those who came out to the first Cash Mob and for doing such a great job spreading the word. Please help get the word out about the next Cash Mob!


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